Episode One: Amateur Saboteur

The western United States is nearly uninhabitable due to drought. Natural disasters have put several more states into a state of emergency. A terrorist attack on U.S. soil has led to the extinction of the family farm. And now one single corporation controls the nation’s food and water supply.

And…animal rights activists “disappeared” years ago, leaving animals with no one to fight for them…

This is reality in the year 2035.

Emerson Howell is a transgender social worker who desires to end animal agriculture. When he develops special powers that cause him to experience horrific visions and voices of animal cruelty at a nearby factory farm, he creates a plan to save them. But these special powers become as much a curse as a blessing when he loses himself in the hidden world of animal agriculture. Will he be able to save these animals, or will he disappear like so many animal activists of the past?

Where the only way to save animals is to become one.

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