Sentient Rising

a notable contribution to dystopian literature…Libraries and readers seeking dystopian teen fiction powered by a blend of discovery and bigger-picture thinking will find Sentient Rising compelling.

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Young heroes risk their lives—daring to expose the secrets and corruption behind agribusiness…

After losing her best friends, Bray Hoffman remains hidden on an undisclosed Wyoming farm—where her unexplained gift of hearing animals in distress resurfaces. Rhea, among several cows, achieves human-like awareness after genetic experimentation—and cries out for help. The animals are imprisoned in a secret S-Corp laboratory, and impossible to save.
Bray joins forces with friends old and new—along with Bertan, who also wants to dismantle the corporation. The goal: expose the secrets of S-Corp and force citizens to experience the horrors of animal agriculture via Embedicare multi-sensory implants. But their plan is thwarted as the nation faces more devastation.

This time, all lives are on the line.

Sentient Rising is the second book in a new eco-dystopian series that follows Bray, Bertan and others through this thrilling novel by Jay VanLandingham. Get ready for even more action, more adventure, more suspense.

Rise up—For truth. For life. For the Future.

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